A Careless Lie

Age is a careless whisper haunting my ears as time, it passes me by

And age is not a friend of mine but only a careless lie.

Some say that time does not exist, it is neither here nor there

And this is what I choose to live by and why for age, I do not care.

I wish that you could join me as I move through my journey called life

Some of us choose to live it and for some it is a succession of sacrifice

I will not apologies for the way I have walked my path

It has been full of sorrow, full of joy and many a time to laugh

So parade me as a mistake if you will I won’t hang my head in shame

For I learnt the rules and I understand that life is just a game.

I never meant for you to think that I didn’t love you or that I do not care

But we must each live our life the way we need to and that is what I have to share.

Being yourself sounds so easy but you can never know who you are

Without much hard work and looking to find the light with in the dark

In the moments of despair, and trust me they will come

Do your best to find the light, the truth and to judgements don’t succumb

Judgements bring upon you misery and constraint

Love the moment free your soul guilty pleasures they can wait.

No Other Love - Cheryl Otero