Kony2012. End the chaos. Share the love.

I want to dedicate today’s blog to the Kony2012 campaign.

If you haven’t seen this short film then please watch it  Kony 2012 – Invisible Children

While I don’t entirely believe in the ‘make him famous’ idea, I can’t really criticise while I sit here safe and comfortable watching Lana Del Rey music videos (because they haunt me from here to my past lives!) and dreaming of a cute apartment somewhere in Lower Manhattan or SoHo.

It only takes one person to make a change. One thought, one action. I hope the cause of this campaign is bought to the attention of the Australian Government and that there is something we can do to help stop the pain and chaos that these children are suffering.

Each day I go about my life trying to be a better person and sometimes I worry so much about myself that I forget the pain and chaos that still goes on in the world today. I forget my responsibility to our global family. Maybe I don’t want to think about it because I can’t bear the thought. I feel so helpless against it. But that’s such a cope out isn’t it?

Please support this cause by visiting the website, bring it to the attention of your governments and lobby groups.

If nothing else this has served as a reminder of 2 things.

1.Open up a little and care a bit more about the people next to me. Everyone has their pain and sometimes it only takes one small action of kindness to change everything.

2. As a collective consciousness we can do anything. Imagine if we only used our powers for good (just like on Captain Planet….seriously you don’t watch Captain Planet?)