Pretty Woman….on a budget

After only a few days I have resided to the fact that I am more like Julie Powell in Julie& Julia than Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I have given up on answering seedy internet adverts to increase my income.  Anyway there is something slightly more romantic about butter and blogging (Julie Powell) then dating strange men off of the internet right… ?  This means I am settling back into the comforting despair of debt.

They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach so perhaps the cooking idea isn’t to bad after all..? I could kill two birds with one stone (finding a boyfriend and making more money) by holding a bake sale in the city.

I am actually good at baking. Cooking however……

Attempting  Jamie Oliver 30 Minute Meals, I have a feeling the Hentley Farm Grenache Rose is going down much smoother than my cooking will.

After being single for a while…baked beans on toast has become my specialty. Yesterday I called a friend to tell her how excited I was, I had found out that baked beans taste great on toast with a bit of red onion and melted cheese….I can’t believe I was excited and on the other hand I’m still excited so I don’t care. Baked beans are a $1 a tin and in my time of need…a girl must do what she can to reduce her debt and keep her modesty.

(picture courtesy of Arthur Hacker)Arthur Hacker