All too comfortable

Its 6.30am and a cool 23 degrees celcius outside before the inevitable 35 kicks in. I’ve opened up the doors and windows to let the fresh air in and sit drinking peppermint tea out of my favourite Anthropologie tea cup (yes I remember I have debt thank you but I can’t resist the artistry and beauty of Anthropologie…a story for another time). It sounds completely lame but to breathe in the cooler air, after the heat we have been having, is amazing and refreshing. It’s one of those days. As I sip my hot refreshing tea and breathe in the cool fresh air I am wondering if I really do have to go to work today. The birds outside my door are clearly catching up on a weeks worth of gossip but somehow the noise is relaxing. I guess in the same that when in Manhattan the constant noise of the traffic is somehow comforting.

Ahh New York. I want to stay right here and dream of being back in New York or France. But I guess that is why I am in this situation right…too much dreaming not enough action. There are so many things I would rather do today then my 9-5 job. …I’m going to forget this attitude, Im going to go into the office, with a smile, and give it my 100% effort and attention.  After all my mum always told me that if you can’t look after the toys you have, then you’re not getting anymore…and I definitely want more.