Shades of Green

Recently I was a guest at a wedding. A perfect, beautiful, wedding. Gorgeous couple, perfect venue, amazing food, fantastic music and most of all the bride and groom were surrounded by people who… Continue reading


Originally posted on the {tiny} times:
I will be holding my first exhibition, Tiny Style: Diary of a baby fashion blogger, on 10 June 3-6pm, at Shairspace, Sydney. You can read the full details here. I…

A Careless Lie

Age is a careless whisper haunting my ears as time, it passes me by And age is not a friend of mine but only a careless lie. Some say that time does not… Continue reading

The Distraction

The brush of your hand against mine, the spark runs through my fingers The sweet smell of your cologne in the room as you leave, it still lingers A deep breath, the comfort… Continue reading

Kony2012. End the chaos. Share the love.

I want to dedicate today’s blog to the Kony2012 campaign. If you haven’t seen this short film then please watch it  Kony 2012 – Invisible Children While I don’t entirely believe in the ‘make… Continue reading

Blue Suede Shoes and Soul Searching

I need to get a bit Dr Phil for a moment, minus the baldness and plus the overkill of cliché one liners and sound bites. After last week’s return to the 80s power… Continue reading

The world of sexually over charged socially incompetent young men oh sorry I meant online dating

I’m a romantic, heart and soul, a romantic. Yes I know….blah yuck ew. For a long time I denied it, to the world and to myself but in my year of trying new… Continue reading

Pretty Woman….on a budget

After only a few days I have resided to the fact that I am more like Julie Powell in Julie& Julia than Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I have given up on answering… Continue reading

In Pursuit of Happiness, to be brave or stupid

In my quest to pay off my debt I have been trying to think of ways to either reduce my expenses or increase my income. I like my lifestyle and I am not… Continue reading

All too comfortable

Its 6.30am and a cool 23 degrees celcius outside before the inevitable 35 kicks in. I’ve opened up the doors and windows to let the fresh air in and sit drinking peppermint tea… Continue reading